Monthly Archives: January 2015

thursday 1.29.15

It’s bring a friend day.


Today is Aly’s last day at CFRTE1 before heading to Singapore for the next year. Make sure to give her a hug and wish her luck. We will miss you.

1. squat mobility

2. otm 10

1 fs: @65%% 1rm

3. 20 amrap

20 rkb swings (53/35)

15 box jumps (20)

10 burpees

10 sit-ups

10 push-ups

wednesday 1.28.15


First class will be at 9am tomorrow.

1. power clean + db snatch warm-up

2. OTM 12

odd: 4pc @ 85% of 1rm

even: 10 c2b unbroken (pick a number you can hit) or pull-ups or 4 negatives (no band) or 8 ring rows

3. 8 AMRAP

10 db snatches (total)

16 bw lunges (total)

Monday 1.26.15

A Big Happy B-Day goes out to the LOVE of my Life, T-Rex.



1) coaches choice

2) 5rm back squat

3) OTM14 (goal is 14rnds straight)

7 thrusters (75/55)(go light very light)

7 pull-ups (scale =ring rows)

7 burpees

(don’t start a round if you know you cant finish it)

friday 1.23.15


1. dynamic

2a. hang power clean: 2rm

2b. chin-ups: 8×1

3. 6 amrap

2x push-up row/row w/ db’s

6 hang squat cleans w/ db

rest 1 min

2 amrap



At Saturdays Meeting we will be discussing what my expectations are for people looking to join us on a regular basis at 10:30 on sat mornings.
Consistently performing all lab work as prescribed, and recording all scores in WOD blog comments section. Be able to perform most movements and skills, ex. Double Unders, HSPU, muscle ups, OHS. Be basically independent and self-reliant during Sat 10:30am WOD; requiring minimal coaching and/or scaling.  CONSISTENT attendance at Sat 10:30am WOD; Drop-Ins will not be allowed.

tuesday 1.20.15


1. coaches choice

2a. ring rows 4×8  feet on a box

2b. weighted sit-ups: 4×15

3. OTM 12

odd: 4 pc @ 75% 1rm

even: 4 strict pulls weighted

We will be having a meeting Sat morning @10am for everyone looking to get SERIOUS and up their CrossFit Game.

monday 1.19.15


1. dynamic + drill pp+pj

2. heavy 3 push press + 2 push jerks (try to match weight from 1.13.15)

3.1x ME S2OH 20# heavier than complex

4.  5 rounds

1 min on :30 sec off

3 thrusters (145/105)

5 burpee bar hops

ME double unders