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wednesday 11.25.15

Route 1 Athletes, Rachael has some news for all of us.


Hi Guys,

It has been so exciting watching all of your successes throughout the last year, especially all the recent PRs and double-unders! Due to all of your hard work and dedication, I have learned how rewarding a coaching career can be—Thank you!

I am writing to share some exciting news with you all: as of January, I will be living, coaching, and training in Vancouver, Washington. I can’t wait to share all that I’ve learned with my new gym out there, and I hope to keep in touch with all of you. Although big changes like this are scary, I am so hopeful for what my future holds!


Love Coach Crush


1. coaches choice

2. 35 amrap

min 1: 15 gtoh plate

min 2: 200m row

min 3: 3 wall walks

min 4: 30 air squats

min 5: 15ttb or v-Ups

min 6: 15 box jumps(24/20)

friday 11.20.15



Congrats to everyone who PR’ed in October.

1. shoulder mob

2. Muscle Ups


12 min or

OTM 12

muscle ups/muscle progressions/strict pull-ups/ kipping/ assisted pull-ups

3. 3 rounds

3min on 2 off

20 kbs (70/53)

20 push-ups

ME Kbs snatches

thursday 11. 19.15

IMG_0465 IMG_9510

MY little buddy is 3yrs old today. Boy does time fly.

1. coaches choice

2. ‘MisFit Clean Complex’

1rm: All unbroken:

Power clean – push jerk – front squat – hang squat clean – split jerk

3. 16 amrap (2 burpees OTM)

100 wallballs

100 box jumps overs (24/20)

100 s2oh (115/80)