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thursday 4.28.16

A message from Dennis Monaco and CROSSFIT AMESBURY.

April 27, 2016

It is with great sadness that we must inform our Crossfit community of the sudden passing of one of our members, Randy Fletcher. Randy passed away Monday morning. He was 50 years old. Our deepest sympathy to his family especially his wife Jen. While we are still trying to make sense of this tragedy we will pull together as a community to remember Randy and pray for his family.

Our deepest appreciation goes out to the members who were at Randy’s side that morning working feverishly to try and save his life. And to the men and women of the Amesbury Police and Fire and Rescue, two of whom are members at Crossfit Amesbury, for their quick response and efforts. And lastly to my son Braden who was coaching that morning and who reacted quickly and appropriately to the situation. I am proud of you.


It has been a very tough week for my brother, father and I. I am sorry I have been a bit disconnected. I will answer any questions Thursday.

1. dynamic

2. 5 rounds


200 m run

ME box jump overs(24/20)

rest 1:30

3. 3 rounds


250m row

ME burpees (fast dont have to be pretty)

rest 3-4 min

wednesday 4.27.16


1a. single leg broud jump: 5x

(land on two feet)

1b. farmers carry 80ft (40ftx2)


2. 20 ttb

13 power cleans (135/95)

20 ttb

11 p. cleans (185/130)

20 ttb

9 p. cleans (225/155)


ME p. cleans (245/170)

10min  cap

tuesday 4.26.16


1. skill:  squat snatch

2. every :30 for 6 min


same as last week

3. 3 rounds

3 amrap

4 muscle ups

4 squat snatches (135/95)

rest 3 min


Muscle Ups/ 3 C2b+ 3 ring dips/ 3 kipping pullups + 3 box dips/ 6 ring rows + 3 box dips

Squat Snatch/ Power Snatch better to go light and squat snatch

monday 4.25.16


Big Congrats to these three who came in 3rd Sunday at the CrossFit Reach Comp.

1. Dynamic

2. 10 amrap

8 deadlifts (225/155)

8 burpee bar hops

40 double unders

6 min rest

10 amrap

8 s2oh (155/105)

15 air squats

10 kbs (70/53)