Monthly Archives: March 2017

thursday 3.30.17




We are looking for a few good men/women to volunteer for Love’em or Leave’em April 8th.

There is a list of needed positions on the board in the main room at the gym.


coaches choice

12 amrap

12 dbs (50/35)total

10  push ups (hand release)

8 ttb

12 amrap

15 kbs (53/35)

10 burpees to plate (45)

5 bj (30/24)

wednesday 3.29.17

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 8.47.39 PM

This up coming April Vacation.

If you know any teachers or parents please let them know

coaches choice

hang squat snatch + squat snatch

(you can drop bar pick up quick) or

build to heavy 1rm if you missed last Wednesday

4 amrap

squat snatch BW or 75% last week

monday 3.27.17


weighted sit: 4×12
super man: 4x:20 hold
Front Squat (FS: 1 x 6  5% increase from last weeks 8rm)
12 amrap
12 c2b
10 pc (135/95)
8 burpee bar hops