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tuesday 9.26,17

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As I was leaving the gym tonight Erica and Angela were putting in their scores for Team Series. They told me they scaled workout 3 because the weights were to heavy. I challenged them to redo it so they would be RX. They took the challenge and crushed it. They finished 136 reps which was good enough for 32nd in the world. They sit in twelfth place in the world and 1st place in the region after week one. So proud of these two beasts.

farmer carries: 4x100ft Heavy

Hang from pull-up bar (hands touching): 4x ME no more than :30

1. Build to 1rm Jerk (15 min)

2. Chin Up: 1rm (neck to bar/ 8min)

otm 10

odd: jerk 2 reps @75% 1rm

even: strict pull-up: 3 @ 50-65% of 1rm

friday 9.22.17

Frickin Fun Friday


ME Burpee box jump over




build to heavy complex

5 DL+3HPC+1Jerk




16 SAOH Walking lunge (53/35)

16 kb-sdhp (53/35)

16 box jumps step downs

16 goblet squats (53/35)

monday 9.18.17

leigha masters

Coach Crushin another comp!

YTI: 3×3

hs hold or hs walk practice

1a.DB SA SP: 3×8 +5 from last week

1b. dragon flys 3×4

2a. Chin up: 3up/3hold/3down: 3×3

2b. hanging knee curl ups: 3×5

7min  TIME CAP

40 c2b

30 s2oh (185/130)

ME burpee bar hops