TUESDAY 5.16.17


OTM 7: ttb +1 from last week rest

5 min

OTM 6: 2 weighted strict pull-ups (strict weighted/stict/ strict singles/ slow negatives 3sec/assisted ring pull-ups from floor)

3 rounds

20 strict hspu

7 muscle ups

17 thoughts on “TUESDAY 5.16.17

  1. Jared

    After wod. WOD is more important! If you can’t do it after do it Wednesday. DO NOT DO Before!

    4 rnds
    20 cal bike
    1 Run around island
    25 push ups

  2. kel

    Weakness WOD:
    r1: 10 Strict/10 kipping (felt great)
    r2: 10 Strict/10 Kipping (one wheel off)
    r3: 6 Strict/14 Kipping (wheels off the bus)
    RX MU
    14:33 woof

  3. Leigha

    Ttb 15 till hip popped in 6th round
    Pull-ups 25
    Wod 10:26 RX
    Lab 18:29
    Literally died in last two rounds

  4. Anna

    10 TTB / 35# pull ups
    Wod – you don’t wanna know
    Lab – didn’t do bc the wod hurt my feelings
    gunna do it tomorrow.

  5. Rachel B.

    yesterday’s squats: 215#
    TTB: 10
    Pull-ups: #20 vest
    WOD – 10:50 with strict pull-ups and dips


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