2 thoughts on “friday 10.19.18

  1. crossfitadmin Post author

    Pre-class if you can:
    heaving snatch balance: 4×3 ascending
    strict press: 5×2 @85%
    push press: 4×3 @80%

  2. Pete

    Since you asked…
    I watched the video. I think I understand what Greg Glassman is saying here and I think I agree with him. But because he has this really annoying habit of using big words and complex scientific phrases, I can’t really be sure. I guess his audience was full of future doctors/smart people, so I’ll cut him some slack. But when he talks about cytoplasm and the downstream effect of nuclear damage, I’m out. I am positive that Glassman doesn’t want or need my unsolicited advice, but here it is anyway: please, just keep it simple Greg.


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