friday 5.26.17

hip and front rack mobility

front squat: 4×2

+5 from last week

15 amrap

20 unbroken wallball (20/14)

20 kbs (70/53)

40 DU

(if you put down or pause for more than 3 seconds must start over)

8 thoughts on “friday 5.26.17

  1. Zack C.

    Snatch- 155# PR
    FS- 210#
    WOD- 4+23 first two rounds American KBS.. thought it was save my hands, didn’t matter

  2. Greg

    Front Squat 235#
    WOD 4+4rx started over once.pathetic
    16min EMOM
    Odd-10 HSPU
    Even-10 Burpees
    Snatch 135#


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