monday 4.16.18

An important message from Coach Katie:

Team! Welcome to our new home, at 175 Central Street. I know that many of you were anxious about the move and the new spot, but how cool is your bright, awesome, shiny, brand-spanking-new facility!? And, of course, THANK YOU ALL for the massive help last weekend: our gym could never exist without you all anyway, but truly, we would not be able to open the doors this week if it weren’t for each and every one of you.
Moves always stir up a lot of emotions: there’s the stress of it all, but there’s also the nostalgia that goes along with going through old stuff, and the bittersweet sense of satisfaction of deciding what comes with, and what stays behind. Always a time for growth, that’s for sure!
I think back to 5 years ago, when I first walked into CrossFit Route 1 (the Melrose location!): I vividly remember an approximately 6 month old boy (Cruzy!!) gnawing on a barbell on the floor (seriously), and a bunch of half naked people laying around in the front room, after just taking the noon class. And, despite the fact that I’d only met him once before, Jared welcomed me with open arms.
I’ve never looked back on my old career/fitness lives.
Since then, CrossFit Route 1 has truly become my Home. And you all have become more than “clients”, and more than “friends”… between CFRTE1, CFA, and CrossFit Route 1 River Works, I have this HUGE, diverse, kinda crazy, and definitely FIT family… I’ll never be able to describe the significance you each have to me.

We’ve seen each other through some pretty low lows, but also, some of the freakin’ coolest, most awe-inspiring highs. I’ve cried with or for many of you, but I think I can honestly say I’ve hugged all of you in celebration of a success… or just because we were happy to see each other!
And so, in the spirit of growth, healing, and the celebration of love, I’d like to share some news: as of June, I will be moving back to my First Home, in Huntington, NY.
I don’t know how long I’ll stay there or where I’ll go after… kinda crazy, huh??
All I can be sure of is that, right now, I need to take the time to take care of a few things and to explore some other things, and the opportunity has arisen to do just that!
BUT, I will still be around for another month or so to help get you all comfy and in your new grooves, and, you all know how to reach me whenever you need me. Ever.

So, when you are ready, if you’d like, please do not hesitate to call/text/email, or just set a time to sit down with me to chat. No question is a bad question here, and I really look forward to spending the next month soaking up as much time with you all as I possibly can. I love you… enjoy your new gym!

Front Squat:
1×3@75% of your 1RM Front Squat
2×3 (-20#)

7 rnds
7 db thrusters (50/35)
7 burpees over db
7 min time cap

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