monday 5.22.17


Rumor has it this crew kicked some serious butt this weekend. Two first place finishes

coaches choice + c+j skill

Back squat:

Work to 85% for 1×2, then 90% for 1×2, then 95% for 1×1 OR go for a new 1RM.


7 C+J (135/95)

35 du

(goal 5+ rounds fast C+J)

14 thoughts on “monday 5.22.17

  1. Rachel B.

    Lab –
    Snatch Balances: 75#
    Presses: 135#
    Class –
    BS: built up to 270#, heaviest I’ve done in like a year and a half, but not a life time/beef time PR
    WOD: 5+4 RX


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