Thursday 1.11.18


Tonight, Greg Lisi became the first recipient of the ‘Member of the Year’ Award.


This isn’t just given to the fittest in the gym (although, he is), the member who has participated in the most classes (although, he did by a huge margin) or to the the hardest working member (although, he might just be). It goes to the member who shows the best ‘team-first’ attributes (along with what was mentioned previously). Greg is an extremely humble team player, always giving credit to others for his success and never looking for acknowledgement. He is very self motivated and is always going above and beyond what it takes to be a great athlete and CFRTE1 member. He is the first one to help someone out and to cheer them on to the finish.  If you don’t know Greg yet, you can find him rolling into the gym at 6pm any night off the week. He’ll typically be crushing workouts from 7pm until 9pm, when he closes the gym.


Congratulations, again, to Greg for crushing 2017. We will be following his pursuit in qualifying for the 2018 CrossFit Games.

10 min
every :20
1 power clean @75%

Partner WOD
3 rounds
750m row
100 Du
50 RKBS (70/53)

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