thursday 10.18.18

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OTM 30

m1: :30 ME push up

m2: :30 ME ring rows

m3: :45 ME ttb/sit ups

m4: 12/9 bike cal

m5: 15 db push press

m6: row 15/13 cal row

OTM 25
m1: 5 bench press
m2: 10 ring rows
m3: ttb/sit ups
m4: 10/7 bike cal
m5: 6 SA db push press ea

2 thoughts on “thursday 10.18.18

  1. Tony LoRusso

    He talks about the science of it telling a different story but, doesn’t state any facts to back up his claims. He should have talked more about that so that the viewers had a better understanding of the science he is referring to.

  2. Lauren E Fitch

    There’s a lot of agreement about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Most of the disagreement is around the edges. It’s very clear that there are five things you need to do to avoid cancer and heart disease:

    1. Don’t smoke
    2. Maintain a healthy weight
    3. Eat a vegetable every once in a while
    4. Get some exercise
    5. Wear sunscreen

    The specifics (low-fat vs full-fat dairy, strength training vs cardio) aren’t as important for the average person’s health as those 5 basics.


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