tuesday 10.18.16


Love these funny pics by Storman Norman. Who has the best funny/ goofy face? Comment/post your favorite in the “leave a reply” section.


1. coaches choice + 2xME L-Sit

2a. bench press: 4×5

2b. barbell bent row: 4×7

3. otm 14

odd: 10 burpee box jump foot touch (24/20 no stand up)

even: 8 hspu (4inch deficit)

7 thoughts on “tuesday 10.18.16

  1. Pete

    I know I’m biased, but I gotta go with Luke Kelley on this one. That is just pure happiness on his face right there. Runner up is the evil little sister right behind him – Kara.

  2. Anna

    Lab I practiced strict hspus and actually did one all thanks to Leigha.

    BP 115#
    WOD 25#s – surprised by how gross that work out was

  3. Guido

    Yesterday’s stuff today
    8 EMOM – 10 C2B
    Complex – 230
    WOD 7+6 @285
    Lab 119 Cals ski erg total

    Today’s stuff
    Bench 255
    WOD missed 10 total HSPU

    Absolutely smoked

  4. Freddy

    Bench – 135#/185#/225#/4.5@255#
    Bent barbell row – 135#/155#/155#/175#
    WOD – burpee bjs complete/missed half of hspus rds
    (this was a total failure)

    3 OTM 4″ deficit hspus for 10mins


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