tuesday 7.3.18

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Dear CrossFit,
This June we celebrated six years together. I know, right? I just wanted to drop that baby weight and get back in my skinny jeans. I had no idea what I was in for.

Six years! Time flies so fast I didn’t even notice how much you were doing for me. All those gains can go unnoticed as I rush to and from class on my lunch hour. But lucky for both of us I have recorded every single WOD, every single lift, every single benchmark and every single HERO we have ever done together. Want a trip down memory lane?

Back in January 2013 we had our first 1 RM back squat at 120#. I remember flying home to brag to my husband about this. “ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY POUNDS!!!” I bellowed. (Current 1 RM 205… bellowed when we did that too.)

Who could forget our first RX Annie! Remember how I had to do the dubs one at a time? (Remember how many f bombs were hurled?) That was also in January 2013 and we clocked in at 20:01. (I can currently do 2.5 Annie’s in this same time.)

Oh, of course there is always the Open. Remember 16.4? 55 reps of everything? Oh boy. Even Nicole Vera screaming in my face could not get me off the rower in time for the handstand push ups. We got to 142 reps. Then in 2017 Dave Castro made me do it again! Vera again screamed in my face, and we got closer to the HSPUs but alas, fell short at 152 reps. Then this year Jared made me do it YET AGAIN. And guess what? We did it! Nicole screamed at me on the way out the door, so that definitely played a part, and you and me and those three years of fitness got us to the HSPU portion! TWO WHOLE HSPU REPS for a total of 167! “CrossFit f*cking WORKS!!!” I bellowed.

I am writing this to you not so you will tell me how proud you are of all of this work, and not to remind myself that I have yet to hit that 205 BS since that one time, but to say that if I hadn’t written it all down, I’m not sure I would think that anything had happened. I’m not sure I’d believe how much progress I have made. In fact, I didn’t even notice how much my baseline of fitness had increased until I recently brought my 17 year old cousin to see you. We did a 7 min AMRAP. I broke a light sweat. She fainted and could not continue with the rest of class. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that what we were doing was hard. I didn’t even notice that it took effort. I owe that to you.

If I only did CrossFit, but never recorded CrossFit, I’d have next to no idea of how far we have come. I am so very grateful to have this record. Anytime I feel a bit down about my fitness, anytime I feel like boy, I am not getting anywhere with this thing, I just look back to my 2012 and 2013 entries. And then I bellow.


PS: Friends- write it all down. ALL OF IT. It will make you feel great one day. I promise.

40 ring rows
80 du

20 ttb/sit ups
20 hr push ups

4 rnds
25/18 cal
20 db snatches (50/35)
OTM 12
odd: 4 weighted chin ups
even: TTB

DB Snatch (85/60)

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