wednesday 2.17.16


THIS SUN 2/21 9AM – 11AM.

Do you hate wall balls, box jumps, and/or burpees?

Or, even worse, do you feel like they just won’t get any easier, even after years of CrossFit? I’ll agree that they are tough, but honestly, sometimes we make them worse for ourselves whether it be due to inefficient movement, or lack of attention to detail. In other words, believe it or not, there is A LOT of technique that goes into these puppies!

And since we are guaranteed to see each in the CF Open, now is the perfect time to sharpen our skills, especially since they are often (by necessity) glazed over during class due to time constraints.

While newer athletes can certainly benefit from this, it’s very important for the CF RTE 1 veterans: we take these movements for granted, but they often make the biggest difference in a WOD!

On Sunday, February 21 from 9 -10am, I will reveal some tips and tricks to make WB, BJ, and burpees a bit more bearable. Then, from 10-11am, we will delve deeper into the nutrition/supplement world, and answer any questions. Let’s crush this Open with confidence!!

$10, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Registration required- 15 person cap. Email Katie at


1. coaches choice

2. 0-10min

3 rep heavy squat / p. snatch


10 box jumps (30/24)

10 ttb

rest 5-10min

max cal row in 4 min

11 thoughts on “wednesday 2.17.16

  1. Lissa

    Power Clean and Jerk 3RM: 155# (165# for 2.5- had to include it)
    Snatches: worked on squat snatching @115#
    WOD: 5+18 RX
    Power Clean and Jerk 1RM: 185#

  2. Freddy

    3rm Snatch – 170# PS
    BJs/ttbs – 9+11rx
    Row – 89cals
    3rm – 195# (missed 215# twice)
    1rm – 215# (missed 235# 7 times)
    (Personal best in failing lift attempts)


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