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    active recovery
    10 min warm up
    10 min mobility
    30 min of moving z1
    What is Z1?
    Way way back, when sports scientists studied human’s cardiovascular performance, they came up with the “Zones” based on the how many beats/min the heart is producing. With that, they can determine the benefits and drawbacks of each Zone training.
    Zone 1 – 50% – 60% maximal effort
    Zone 2 – 60% – 70% maximal effort
    Zone 3 – 70% – 80% maximal effort
    Zone 4 – 80% – 90% maximal effort
    Zone 5 – 90% – 100% maximal effort
    *Note: the maximal effort is YOUR perceived maximal effort, so it is very individualized. Professional athletes are machine tested to determine their maximum heart rate and use that as a very specific guide to determine their Zones.
    20 min mobility


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