monday 12.18.17


This jacked group crushed “Victoria” the hero wod at open gym.  This hero wod was named ‘Victoria’ after Victoria Soto, a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary who used her body to shield her students from the shooter and lost her life in the process.

dynamic + hip mob

15min each

1rm Back Squat

1rm Front Squat

50 du

50 TTB

50 du

time cap 7 min

thursday 12.14.17

WOD + Protein = Gainz

Lately we’ve gotten some questions about why so many people in the gym are shaking their Blender Bottles and guzzling their protein shakes, seemingly before their Sweat Angel on the floor has started to dry.

So, why is it so important to get some fuel in you ASAP after a workout?

Without getting technical, immediately after your workout is when your body is most primed to be able to take in and utilize whatever you are giving it, to help you recover and build muscle. It’s OK to wait for your breath to come back (we don’t want you to choke!), but it’s best to stay within a 30 min window of finishing your workout. And yes, it’s perfectly OK to prep the shake before class, so it’s ready to go for while you are stretching!

But specifically, why do most people use whey protein shakes? Really, you could eat any combination of protein and carbohydrate (grilled chicken and sweet potato, some yogurt, etc), but whey protein is broken down to a point where your body doesn’t even have to do much work to use it…. it’s like its already chewed for ya!

We recently got in a new Cappuccino flavor of the Ascent whey, along with the regular Chocolate and Vanilla. I’ve heard it’s great!

*Note: I wrote any COMBINATION of protein and carbohydrate… if you really want to pump up the “gainz”, add a little bit of fruit juice to your shake, or eat it with a piece of fruit, etc. They work together to even further boost your body’s ability to utilize the nutrients… take advantage of it!!

**Further note: If you or someone in your family is sensitive or intolerant to lactose or casein, your best bet is to avoid whey protein shakes. You can either find beef or egg white based protein powders, or just eat some chicken or a hard boiled egg after your class.

Any questions? Ask Coach Katie. Let’s get ready for Opens!

coaches choice

12 min: 1rm power clean

12min: build to heavy 2 DL w/ perfect low back

500m x 2 @ push pace don’t max out, 90-95% rest 2-3 min

Monday 12.11.17



If you missed Saturday you missed one hell of a day. We had an unbelievable turn out and were able to raise over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. I am overwhelmed with our amazing community. You guys are absolutely the best, love you guys so much.

10 bb thrusters
5 up downs
10 glute bridges
5 each side lunge

Back squat: 4×1 @90% + 10lbs if over 250 +5 if under

30 thruster @115/80
50 bar facing burpees
30 thrusters

Friday 12.8.17

Sign up at front the board for tomorrows Fundraiser. Saturday 12.9.17 @9am start time.

If you don’t have time to sign up, no worries show up anyway.

Donate here or bring Cash


min 0-10
hang power clean + pj + sj
hpc+pj+sj @ 80%
min 24-28
4 amrap
6 box jump over (24/20)
6 hpc (135/95) or 50% of first complex
min 30-34
BF Burpees

Wednesday 12.6.17

NO SWEAT this Saturday.

We are hoping everyone can come to the 9am Fundraiser WOD.

farmers carry: 4x 120ft heavy

bear crawl: 4x120ft

5x350m row

rest 1:30

:10 faster than average 500m from your 2k average

(First of many Row days to improve our 2k time)

L-sit: 3x ME