monday 1.30.17 | CrossFit Route 1

monday 1.30.17

A bunch of good info from Coach Katie… please read to the end for information on a few upcoming seminars!


After a month or so of “Open Fridays”, I’m sure by now you are all looking forward to the 2017 CrossFit Games Open, kicking off on 2.23.17!

We’ve practiced the movements, the setup, the standards, and the judging. You know how early you need to get to the gym to warm up your body and get your “mind right”. And so many of you group up for ROMWOD parties after, I LOVE that!


In short, you know what to do and when to do it once you walk into CFRTE1.


But what about out of the gym? Preparation for optimal performance does not begin nor end inside the Box. Here are some additional strategies to ensure that you get the most out of your Open Season:

1.     RECOVERY.

a.     This means listening to your body when if it starts to feel gunky, and communicating with your coaches. If it’s before/during/after a non-Open WOD class, your coach may recommend some specific mobilizations, a modification to the WOD, or even write you up a row/bike recovery program instead for that day. Communication is key, with your own body and with us!

b.     SLEEP is so so SO important. Consider a 10PM curfew, starting ASAP. Try to cut down on TV/computer/phone watching in the hour or two leading up to your curfew. An hour or so before bed is also a great time to snack on some protein and fat (maybe some leftover chicken and a spoon of almond butter, etc) to give your body some fuel to rebuild while you sleep.



a.     Besides the bedtime snack, BE SURE to top off your protein and carbohydrate stores an hour (or less, depending on how fast you digest) before and immediately after your WODs. This can be a banana (or ½ if you are a smaller person) and a protein shake (again, or ½ portion) both pre-and post-WOD. For more details, schedule an appt. with me at

b.     More H2O! The rule of thumb is an ounce per day per pound of lean body weight. If you really want to know how much lean mass you have, you can schedule a Body Fat Assessment with me. But generally speaking, most women need at least 100oz a day, guys 150oz or so. Add more if you have an especially sweaty workout.


3.     MINDSET

a.     Before things really heat up, consider referring back to your Goal Setting sheet: what do you love about CrossFit, and what are your Fitness Goals? Unless you wrote “I love being the best at CrossFit “ or “My goal is to go to Regionals this year”, try to focus on what’s TRULY important to YOU… more energy, your friends in class, how much progress you’ve made, or just the FUN of doing something you love for an hour. This will help you shake the jitters and IMPROVE your performance, I PROMISE!


I know I speak for all the coaches when I say that I cannot WAIT to see what you all achieve this year. Don’t forget to sign up (100+ registrants gets us our Friday Night Lights Party on 3.24.17!!!), and talk to us about any questions or concerns. Love you all so much… NOW LET’S CRUSH THE OPEN!!

Love, Coach Katie


PS… Three important seminars coming up:

A.     “Doc” Ryan Hewitt is coming on Sunday 2.5.17 @ 10:30 AM (don’t worry, it’ll be done before the SuperBowl!!) with his “Become a Bulletproof CrossFitter” Seminar! If you pre-register on the event’s Facebook page it’s free, and it’s only $20 at the door day-of. He’s going to talk about Movement Fixes, Metabolic Health, Metal Game, and Recovery/Injury Prevention. SIGN UP TODAY.

B.     Coach Leigha will be putting on TWO Gymnasty Seminars: one for Beginners, and one for our more Experienced athletes.

a.     Beginners will be held on Sunday 2.12.17 from 8-9:30am. In this seminar, she will take you through progressions for handstand holds/ kipping handstand pushups, kipping pull ups, toes to bar, and ring muscle ups!

b.     Advanced will be held on Sunday 2.19.17, also from 8-9:30am. In order to sign-up for this seminar, we ask that you are able to perform strict and kipping pull ups. Here, she will be focusing on kipping and strict HSPU, butterfly pull ups, and bar muscle ups… even handstand walks!

C.     I will be putting on a Back and Body Pre-Hab/Post-Hab Seminar on Sunday 2.12.17, at 10am, after Leigha’s Beginner’s seminar. During this 75-minute talk, I share some strategies for keeping your back happy and healthy, as well as healing/modifying for when it’s cranky.


1.coaches choice

2.back squat: 5×3 @ 90% last week

3. minute 0:00 – 4:00

7 ring MU

35 double unders

5 C&J @ 65%

minute 4:00 -8:00

7 Ring MU

35 double unders

5 C&J @ 75%

minute 8:00- 12:00

7 ring MU

35 double unders

5 C&J @ 80%

minute 12:00 -16:00

7 ring MU

35 double unders

5 C&J @ 90%

(if you don’t complete in the time allotted continue until the 16:00 time cap)

Muscle ups/ bar muscle ups/ c2b/ pull-ups/ ring rows/ no more than two sets. First two movements should be very quick.

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