friday 6.26.15 | CrossFit Route 1

friday 6.26.15

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Thank you for letting me share this info…yet another thing I’ve become passionate about!

To all the CrossFit Moms, CrossFit Mamas-to-be, and all the future CrossFit Mamas:

Since my first day in the gym, CrossFit has been something that resonated with me, something I knew I was never going to be without. When I first found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I felt lost. I knew I had to keep coming to the gym, for my health, for her health, for my mental well-being….but what did CrossFitting pregnant look like?  What was safe?  What could I actually do?  

At the time, there were precious few resources for women in my position. A friend in LA, understanding my needs and wants, put me in touch with a woman who “got it” on every level.

Her name is Lindsey Matthews, and she is the founder of BirthFit. Through the weeks of my pregnancy, I followed her workouts, read the articles she wrote, the articles she posted, and grew to appreciate what my body was doing in a way I didn’t imagine possible.  I didn’t feel like I was missing out, but that the goal had simply changed. I still had permission to challenge myself, but did it in ways I understood to be safe. I felt empowered, and that mental shift is what made all the difference for me. 

I strongly encourage you to visit her website It is a wealth of information preparing you for, as she calls it, “the most important athletic endeavor of your life.”  And, to me, that is how pregnancy, birth, and life post partum, should be viewed…not as something to carefully tread through, but something to work for, train for…because at the end of the day…your health, and the health of your little peanut, depend on it!

I am proud to be taking the journey through pregnancy, birth, and the all important, but often forgotten 4th trimester, with the CrossFit Route 1 community…again. The littlest member of the CF RTE 1 coaching staff arriving this Christmas…or there abouts.

Coach Kat

P.S. – I am currently building an archive of the past BirthFit wods, complete with Lindsey’s training notes to share with the community.

1. coaches choice

2. pull-up: build to heavy strict 3 c2b


8 min to complete 4×5 bent over row

3. 4 rounds

20 pull-ups

8 Deadlifts (60%)

12 box jump step down (24/20)

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