monday 3.28.16 | CrossFit Route 1

monday 3.28.16


Six years ago when I opened CFRTE1 I never would of imagined the community becoming what it is. I have been very lucky to have all the coaches past and present that I have had to help build such an amazing community. The energy in the gym Friday Night was awesome. I challenged you guys to sign up for the open and you did and we went out with a bang. This Open was filled with first time bar muscle ups, PR Deadlifts, and tons of PR’s in general. I am so proud of everyone of you. Thank you for Kicking Ass day in and day out.
1. dynamic + 22 push-ups

2. OTM 8

2 FS @ 85% of heaviest from last week

3. OTM 12

min 1: ME box jump over

min 2: 20 sdhp (75/55)

min 3: rest


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