monday 4.23.18 | CrossFit Route 1

monday 4.23.18


Join us this Saturday at our Re-Grand Opening Celebration!

Bring your friends, novice or experienced, to SWEAT class at 8am or the Community WOD, meeting at 9:30am (this weekend only).

At 11am there will be a high skilled WOD for experienced athletes.

Don’t miss the gift giveaways, raffles and games.

Front Squat: Work to 75% of your 1RM Front Squat for 1×3 then decrease (-20#)and complete Drop Sets 2×3. Add 5lbs to last weeks numbers

3 rounds (2:00ea)
row 250
M.E. wallball (20/14)10 ft
rest 3-5 min


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