thursday 1.19.17 | CrossFit Route 1

thursday 1.19.17

A note from Eva,

My family and I are sending our thanks to those who contributed to the WOD done by the Charity Everyday Hereos, on December 23 and 24th 2016. Thank you coach Jared, Katie, Leigha, Sean and Andrew for leading the wods these days in hopes to help relieve some of my families financial burden though this time as my husband heals.

     Being a member at Crossfit Route 1 since 2010 you build a relationship with those who coach and your community. Its been an honor to know all those who have been a part of my strengths and weaknesses through the years. I am grateful to be a part of such a great community of people.

    I wanted to thank Jared and Tracy for accepting and running the Everyday Heeros Charity Wod for my family and I. Its been quite a challenge both physically and mentally for our children and myself seeing my husband and there father battling with lymphoma cancer. It’s even more hard to understand his batttle knowing Glenn was just recovering from a level 3 spinal fusion. It’s not easy with 4 little ones to get through the days knowing how its effected Glenn. He’s intense chemo treatment has set Glenn back making life extremely challenging. I sometimes ask myself how I am getting though this emotional roaster coaster.  I  tell myself on a regular basis I must stay strong and the fight the fight no one else can do it for me and stay strong for the family. I know part of this courage and strength has come thought the years of dedication to Crossfit and the mentality of pushing through even when its painful and you just don’t think you can handle any more. I also know my belief in God has helped with keeping my spirit and strength up. 

    Therefore, with this obstacle we continue to face I want to thank all those for support and donating either to the Go Fund or Everyday Heroes.  I want to thank Francine her daughter Kendra and her son Mark for there charity and generosity they put together to help support my family. We continue to keep our faith for better days. Listening to Francine and her families story has left a huge impact on my family and the strength and courage to carry daily.

Sincerely, Glenn, Eva, Jake, Saige,Grace and Faithlynne.


1.coaches choice

2a.bench press: 4×4

2b.db  curls: 4×10

3. Team Workout 2 or 3 people

10 amrap

max cal row (20 each)

rest 5 min

6 amrap

rkbs (70/53) 20 each

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