tuesday 1.31.17 | CrossFit Route 1

tuesday 1.31.17

Up coming Workshops. Sign-Up on front board.

A.     “Doc” Ryan Hewitt is coming on Sunday 2.5.17 @ 10:30 AM (don’t worry, it’ll be done before the SuperBowl!!) with his “Become a Bulletproof CrossFitter” Seminar! If you pre-register on the event’s Facebook page it’s free, and it’s only $20 at the door day-of. He’s going to talk about Movement Fixes, Metabolic Health, Metal Game, and Recovery/Injury Prevention. SIGN UP TODAY.

B.     Coach Leigha will be putting on TWO Gymnasty Seminars: one for Beginners, and one for our more Experienced athletes.

a.     Beginners will be held on Sunday 2.12.17 from 8-9:30am. In this seminar, she will take you through progressions for handstand holds/ kipping handstand pushups, kipping pull ups, toes to bar, and ring muscle ups!

b.     Advanced will be held on Sunday 2.19.17, also from 8-9:30am. In order to sign-up for this seminar, we ask that you are able to perform strict and kipping pull ups. Here, she will be focusing on kipping and strict HSPU, butterfly pull ups, and bar muscle ups… even handstand walks!

C.     I will be putting on a Back and Body Pre-Hab/Post-Hab Seminar on Sunday 2.12.17, at 10am, after Leigha’s Beginner’s seminar. During this 75-minute talk, I share some strategies for keeping your back happy and healthy, as well as healing/modifying for when it’s cranky.


1.coaches choice + ghr: 3×5

hollow rock: 3x:15

2. power snatch: build to heavy 3 tng

3. 5 snatches (115/80)

20 hspu (45)

10 snatches

15 hspu

15 snatches

10 hspu

20 snatches

5 hspu

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