tuesday 5.24.16 | CrossFit Route 1

tuesday 5.24.16

A word on nutrition from Coach Katie,


Three things you can do to improve your eating TODAY (or tomorrow, depending-on-what-time-you-are-reading-this)

There is an incredibly overwhelming amount of conflicting information out there regarding what, when, how much, and why you should eat. Paleo. Zone. Vegetarian. RP. No carbs. Blood type. If It Fits Your Macros. Warrior Diet. Etc. Etc. Etc.

This causes “analysis paralysis”, or “I’m just going to eat what I’ve always eaten because it’s less scary then changing everything I do”. Or, you try each thing for a WHOLE week, then move on to a new thing the next Monday due to “Shiny Thing” distraction phenomenon. Fair enough. So here are three quick, virtually universal suggestions that you can put into effect ASAP.



Because our body works really hard as we sleep, we can wake up very hungry. Often, when we are very hungry, our body thinks “I need fast energy!” which, to our body, means CARBS. Carbs aren’t necessarily bad in the AM, but, because they are quicker to digest and spike our insulin production, they make us hungrier again, sooner. So, even though you THINK your body wants that fruit smoothie and/or stack of pancakes with syrup, try to work at least 5oz/30g (men)/ 3oz/18g (women) of lean protein into most morning meals. Think eggs, bacon/sausage (watch fat intake!), whey protein or pasteurized egg whites in that smoothie, or last night’s leftovers!



Many of us know the 3PM “BONK” feeling, and/or the post-lunch “food coma”. These happen after big meals, when our body feels the spike and drop of insulin needed to digest a big meal. Consider instead splitting your lunch into two smaller meals. Each meal should include veggies, protein, about 15g of fat, and some complex carbs (think, sweet potatoes, brown rice/whole grains if not Paleo, etc). Here’s why:

A.     A.  If you eat your first lunch around 10:30-11AM, you might avoid the “starving at 12:30” feeling. That way, you are less likely to give into temptations (someone else’s leftover pizza), let alone overeat.

B.B. Your second lunch (2:30-3PM)  gets you thru the 3PM slump, and tops off your energy stores. This ensures that your after-work WOD is optimized, or, if you’ve already worked out in the AM or during lunch, you are less likely to binge at dinner.

C.     C. Make sure you take a normal lunch and split in half! Don’t just double lunch!!!!



Unless you eat dinner within 2 hours of bed, try to eat another snack of protein right before you lay down. In short, this ensures that you have plenty of amino acids (protein building blocks) running throughout your bloodstream as you sleep, which helps your body repair all the damage you did to it during the day. In other words, protein before bed helps you build lean mass (MUSCLE) and feel better when you wake up.

Additionally, if you have some food in you as you sleep, your body is less likely to have that STAVING feeling in the AM, which helps you to make better food choices at breakfasttime. See Section 1 above.

That’s it! Let me know if you have any follow up questions, and feel free to email me at Katie.Boshko@gmail.com to set up a Health and Wellness appointment!

Love, KB



2. 8 amrap

strict pull-ups: 2-4-6-8-10-12…etc


or 8 min max strict pull-ups/banded strict pull-ups all singles/ ring rows also singles

3. 4 rounds


30cal(m)/25cal (w) row


rest 2-4 min

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