wednesday 12.21.16 | CrossFit Route 1

wednesday 12.21.16

Within the next few days, you will be receiving a brief–BUT IMPORTANT–questionnaire either right before or right after your class.

In it, you will be answering questions about how you feel about your current fitness/health status, your goals, and your achievements.

In other words, this questionnaire is ABOUT YOU, and it is FOR YOU. It is going to help us to better understand why you started CrossFit, why you continue CrossFit, and how we can better support you on your CrossFit and health journey. The reverse side is to be used to track major PRs.

However, this is not a one-and-done initiative. When you see the document, please note that it is meant to be revisited periodically, approximately every 6 months. While we will do our best to remind you, please consider putting a reminder in your calendar!

To review, we are kicking off this project to guide you to recognize your progress and strengths, while also shedding some light on where improvements can be made. It is our hope that you will continue to honor us with the opportunity to celebrate those successes while coaching you above and beyond the challenges.

Congratulations on a remarkable 2016… here comes a new year!

Love, Coach Katie


1.coaches choice +

2 rnds

15 banded good mornings

:30 plank

2. 1 rep max DL

3. 2 rounds

10 hc (155/105)(unbroken)

40 du

rest 3min


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