wednesday 9.21.16 | CrossFit Route 1

wednesday 9.21.16

CrossFit Route 1: Businesses

For those of you who own and operate your own businesses, we would love to be able to share your information with the rest of the community more seamlessly. This idea has come up in a previous newsletter but we wanted to reinforce it in an effort to gain some traction. Ultimately, the end goal is to have a page on the website that acts as a ‘directory’ for all the products and services that are offered by members within the community. If you would like to have your information disclosed, please respond to the newsletter email with your contacts and any additional information that would be relevant.


We will be filming Saturday. Be sure you make it to the classes to be in our 3rd edition CFRTE1 video. 8am Sweat 9am community wod



1. dynamoc + hip mobility

2. BACK SQUAT: 5×3

Work at 75% of your 1RM Back Squat.

Target 10lb increase / week if work sets are above 375lb.

Target 5lb increase / week if work sets are below 375lb.

3. 50 strict hspu

60 TTB

70 burpees

14 time cap / same modification as last week

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