wednesday 9.28.16 | CrossFit Route 1

wednesday 9.28.16

From Coach Katie:

      OK so you all know that I’ve been dealing with an injury for quite a while now, blah blah blah. It gets me down more than it should, but I’m working on that. ANYWAY, sitting and rain make it much worse, soooo after a ride to Long Island this weekend and the rain we are getting this week, yesterday was pity-party day for Katie’s Back. I needed to do SOMETHING because I knew would feel better after I did, but was 99% on my way to taking a nap in the Kid’s Room at the gym (can we please all call it the “Pig Pen”!?) instead.

       I was given an incredibly thoughtful early birthday gift earlier this month: a membership at LA Fitness so that I can swim in the pool. I like swimming and it’s good for me, but, compared to CrossFit it’s lonely and boring, plus no music!!!

      SO, I dragged my pitiful pity-party-throwing self into that gym and plopped into the pool. Complete cranky butt.

      After my warm-up laps, the guy next to me actually started a conversation with me! I WAS MAKING MY FIRST POOL FRIEND!!!! He explained that he was a former swim coach and had some questions about my technique as a “swimmer like me”… HE MEANT IT IN A GOOD WAY!!! As something I am self-conscious about and with very few athletic “boosts” to my ego recently, how nice!

       Then I noticed that he had a WATERPROOF IPOD!!!!! And special earbuds! He told me where to buy them!! I’ve been BUMMED without music and now I know where to get the one that he highly recommended!

        I ended up doing a bunch of sprints and feltgreat. I talked to my new friend between every few sets—I knew we were tight when he referred to me as a “banana head”—and I kept feeling better and better.  I didn’t get his name but I can’t wait to run into him again and maybe even get some pointers.

       My point is this: when we’re tired, sore, cranky, stressed, busy, or generally just bummed, we don’t have very high expectations for our workout/run/swim/etc, and we can talk ourselves out of it. But sometimes—often, in my experience—it’s those workouts that end up being the most significant… and the most worthwhile. So just when you think Coach K-Bo has gone all mushy, here’s the bottom line: unless you are truly sick, just GET YOUR BUM IN THIS GYM OR OUT FOR A WALK… JUST MOVE PEOPLE!! YOU’LL ALWAYS FEEL BETTER!

      On a related note, I want to thank all of you for your support and concern throughout these last 8 months. It does not go unnoticed, I’m a lucky girl to have such a caring “Family”.

 OK, bye-eeeeee !

Love, KB


PS… I want to again thank you all for my book!! I STILL can’t get over your thoughtfulness, it makes me glow!!! Especially Miss Kristin for putting it all together so beautifully! LOVE YOU ALL!



1. coaches choice

2. BACK SQUAT : 5×3

Work at 75% of your 1RM Back Squat.

Target 10lb increase / week if work sets are above 375lb.

Target 5lb increase / week if work sets are below 375lb.

3. 3 rounds

4 amrap

12 ttb

200m row

rest 4 min rest

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